Friendship vs lovely enemy?

How you first met your best friend.

Whenever I first met my closest companion was in 2007 when her family moved into the house nearby to our own. I have resided in this house since I was conceived, and there were many neighbors before her, however not a solitary one of them had youngsters. At the point when I initially met her, I realized we would be companions.

Our friendship started when my best friend joined our class. We were both reluctant to talk to each other at first, but over time we developed a connection. I remember my best friend trying to talk to me for the first time. I rolled my eyes and felt it was pointless and we wouldn’t get along. However, to my surprise, at the end of the semester, we became best friends.

The way friends meet there, best friends. Some people meet by chance, some by fate. But it was really fun meeting my best friend. Her name is Leslie. We had a great time together. We both know we can’t be mad at each other. But most importantly, we love each other like blood sisters. I moved to Corona in the last month of my freshman year. I’m sad because I don’t know anyone in all the new classes. Besides my sister, she is also a freshman. Besides my sister, I want to find someone to talk to

The best thing about your best friend.

In short, the bond I share with my best friend is one of my most treasured possessions. We all inspire each other to be better people. We push each other to do our best and we are always there when needed. A best friend is truly a precious gem, and I’m lucky to have found this gem in my life.

Best friends are people like your family. Someone who can share everything with you without fear of being judged by this person who will also heal all your problems. Best friends are like siblings who become part of your family over time.

This person is a part of you that cannot be easily separated. A best friend is always there to support you and do crazy things with you. Best friends make life more interesting and fill life with happiness. There is no substitute for a best friend in life.

Friendship is beneficial to both parties, while enemy relationships are typically harmful to one party.

The same drive that created friendship chemistry in the first place may be why close friends become enemies. When one or the other feels betrayal, it often develops into friend and foe. For example, a close friend might follow a man or woman you are interested in or a house you want to buy. You feel betrayed, hurt and angry. You think you can no longer trust that friend. Perhaps the feeling is stronger when the feeling of betrayal and disillusionment is contrasted with the raw feeling that you really like and can trust that person. It’s painful to discover that someone you think shares your values ​​and is open to you turns out not to be what you thought. You begin to reject this person with an intensity commensurate with the care and affection that once existed between you.

First, confronting an adversary is not appeasement; it is diplomacy. Protracted confrontation does not end through isolation and containment, but through negotiation and mutual compromise. Under the right circumstances, through clever diplomacy, enemies can become friends. Commitment does not always end geopolitical rivalries—as many of the historical case studies in this book demonstrate. But it could become. Therefore, politics should give a chance for stable peace.

If strong fences make good neighbors, then strong contracts make strong strategic partnerships. But friends do not need such a guarantee to trust each other. Of course, the business world is serendipitous, goal-driven, and unpredictable, and such an environment is hardly conducive to friendship. In fact, friendships among executives are more likely to be formed in a business environment than because of it. To paraphrase Harry Truman, if you want a friend in the corporate world, get a dog.

Friends are often helpful and supportive, while enemies can be harmful and destructive.

Some of our most hurtful friendships started well and ended badly. For example, among teens, the rate of cyberattacks among friends is 4.3 times higher than among friends. Or as Diane de Poitiers, mistress of King Henry II of France in the 16th century, put it: “To have a good enemy, choose a friend: he knows where to attack.”

Friends, on the other hand, will never stop you from doing the things that bring you joy. This, in turn, manifests itself in the fact that friendship is a bond, and nothing is expected of you to feel safe and free. Your friends will support you no matter how things go. It’s a comfortable feeling and removes all your worries. This is the question of how much better friendship is than love. Your best friend will definitely kill you if you find another friend, but you can still make as many friends as you want!

Friends won’t let you down even if you fight them. However, after some serious spitting, the love gets uglier. When love breaks your heart to pieces, it is your friends who nurture it whole. Having someone to mend your broken heart when you’re broken and hurt is very important for your emotional health and coming out stronger from any breakup.