Driving mistakes at night

Avoid these 9 driving mistakes while driving at night


For some, nighttime driving can feel healing; however, it is a source of anxiety for others.If night driving feels the same way, you’re not alone. Statistics prove that driving at night is more dangerous. The probability of fatal accidents at night is higher than during the day.

Not surprisingly, the main reason for this is our inability to see clearly in the dark, which leaves us vulnerable to potentially fatal mistakes.But if you want to enjoy a smooth and safe ride at night, avoid these mistakes.


With relatively little traffic at night, drivers tend to drive faster than usual, but people can never foresee unexpected events such as accidents. B. A person crossing the road in a hurry or an animal crossing the road.Driving at night is also risky, as people cross the road recklessly in dark clothing at night so they are less visible.

This is one of the reasons why a driver suddenly brakes or makes a turn, which can lead to a collision. Driving safely at night means keeping an eye on the road, maintaining a reasonable speed and obeying the law.

Fatigue driving

Exhausted drivers often get into their cars and sit behind the wheel.Regardless of your experience as a driver, it will be beneficial if you get out of the car when you are tired. They don’t think it’s too much of a problem, especially when they have more driving experience. Regardless of your past experience, try to stop driving whenever you feel tired and take a break. You can also get out of the car and go for a walk or take a deep breath.

Rest and alertness are critical every time you drive. You’re more likely to feel sleepy when driving at night because your brain produces more sleep-inducing melatonin in the dark.

Use high beams if necessary

Inexperienced drivers cannot switch between high and low beams as needed. This is essential when driving at night. The height and alignment of the headlights must be adjusted correctly. Adjusting your high beams to the correct height without hitting or causing problems on the road is one thing you need to do at night. To do this, you need to use your high beams carefully to view the road without disturbing other vehicles.

Avoid distractions on the road

Even the simplest of distractions, like changing radio stations, can distract you and have bad consequences. Turn off cabin lights as little as possible, as this will further distract you.If you are driving at night, you need to pay close attention to the road. Don’t listen to loud music or take your eyes off the road, even for a moment.

Another reason to rent a car with a driver when driving at night. However, you still have to be careful not to distract the driver as he takes you to your destination.A car rental service like Rently gives you the opportunity to hire a professional driver with you.

Driving with a dirty windshield

Dirty or cracked windshields scatter light and increase glare. In addition, dirty or damaged headlights can reduce visibility and dazzle oncoming vehicles. Therefore, clean the windshield and headlights regularly. You can use a headlight cleaning kit.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claims that accumulated dirt can increase glare from other vehicles and street lights, making it harder to see the road. Dirty and damaged headlights also reduce light on the road, which in turn affects visibility.

Avoid driving with poor night vision

Driving can scare you if you squint a lot. The Cleveland Clinic lists many possible causes of poor night vision, including myopia, some medications, cataracts, and retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic disorder that makes it difficult to see light. Vision in our eyes changes as we age; therefore, you may also notice increased glare from lights. In some cases, such as B. myopia, a prescription for changing glasses or contact lenses can do the trick. However, cataract patients require surgery to remove the lens coating to see any improvement. You should discuss any vision problems and whether you can drive safely at night with your eye care professional.

Avoid staring at the headlights

While you should always keep your eyes on the road, experts advise against focusing or staring at approaching headlights.The right side of a road or lane marking can be used as a guide to help you stay on track when approaching an approaching vehicle and avoid being dazzled by its headlights. Once you pass the approaching car, look up again.take away key

If you drive at night and want to avoid these driving mistakes altogether, simply rent a car with a professional driver. A car rental service like Rehan Rentals gives you the opportunity to get a professional driver in addition to the car. In this regard, the driver can ensure that you arrive at your destination on time and without stress. So make sure you make the right choice for the safety of yourself and road users!


Exhausted drivers often sit behind the wheel of their car when they are exhausted. It helps if you get out of the car every time you feel exhausted, regardless of your experience as a driver.

Drive after drunk

Drunk driving is prohibited. This is both a legal criminal offense and one of the main causes of accidents. While alcohol won’t affect you directly, it can prolong reflexes, movements, and reaction times. You should call a taxi after drinking and avoid driving. Don’t drive if you’re drunk


Traveling at night is not dangerous if you follow all this instruction that mention on this article of rehan rent a car ,otherwise if you do not follow this points so heavy loss is waiting your like a face of major accident ,so be carefull about this and take care your and your family ,thanks we hope you can understand of my points.